UPDATE 24th March 2020

Boats over is postponned until at least the end of the duration of “lockdown” restrictions on travel and gatherings. Members boats are to remain double moored on the clubhouse side of the canal.

CRT advise “leisure boaters to stop all non-essential travel.”

UPDATE 22nd March 2020

This is a fast moving situation and we would urge all members, particularly those who are in the higher risk categories, to follow Government policy and advice as it is announced.

Government policy and your own personal assessment of the risks from Covid-19, takes precedence over BBCC or CRT policies.

The Canal and River Trust’s current policy is that the canals and waterways should remain open; cruising is one of the safer activities that you can take part in outside your own home.

As a club, looking at the current position, we feel we should:

  1. Not impede members who wish to access their boats
  2. Not encourage ‘social gathering’ for so long as Government advice advises against
  3. Help members to practice ‘social distancing’.

However we have taken the following pragmatic decisions:

  1. The AGM planned for Friday 27th March is deferred to a later date when Government advice is that such social gatherings may be resumed. The existing Committee will continue in post pro tem; Chris Baker will take over from Nigel Stanley as Acting Commodore.
  2. We will proceed with moving ‘Boats Over’ to their allocated towpath moorings for the summer season.
  3. The Work Party on Sunday 5th April and all future work parties and social events at the club and elsewhere are cancelled until Government advice is that such social gatherings may be resumed.
  4. It is for members themselves to decide if they wish to go cruising individually or ‘in company’ (for example the planned cruise over Easter to Stratford upon Avon). (However, see 24th March update).
  5. Club facilities, for example, the slipway, work-berth, kitchen and toilets remain open for use subject to strict observance of government advice on ‘distancing’ (2 metres) and on Covid-19 hygiene procedures.

Emphatically, no member should feel under any obligation whatsoever to come to the club if they feel that to do so would put them at risk from Covid-19. In that case, they should contact a member of the committee to discuss alternative arrangements for Boats Over.

May 2020

Monday 4th, 19:00 – Work party CANCELLED

Friday 8th (Bank Holiday). BBQ at the Rowington Picnic Site. CANCELLED

June 2020

Monday 8th, 19:00 – Work party CANCELLED.

July 2020

Monday 13th, 19:00 – Work party CANCELLED.

August 2020

Monday 10th, 19:00 – Work party Work party CANCELLED .

September 2020

Sunday 13th, 10:00 – Work party CANCELLED.

October 2020

Sunday 11th , 10:00 – Work party CANCELLED. .

November 2020

Sunday 8th, 10:00 – Work party CANCELLED.

December 2020

Sunday 13th, 10:00 – CANCELLED.

Christmas Meal – CANCELLED.


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