Information on work parties

  • November 2019 work party

    November 2019 work party

    Sunday 10th November. Fortunately a fairly fine day – plenty of sunshine in the morning but a little on the cold side. Plenty of members attending – main task was a general tidy up of the site, removing vegetation and […]

  • October 2019 work party

    Sunday 13th October. A very wet day! Fortunately the main task for the work party was to paint the new cladding for the rear of the kitchen part of the club house. Actually it was red/brown fence protection rather than […]

  • September 2019 work party

    Sunday 8th September. The first of the Sunday morning work parties for the autumn/winter/spring. Yet more grass cutting (summer 2019 has been a good grass growing season!). Plus trimming of the overhanging trees and bushes by the gate and along […]

  • August 2019 work party

    Monday 12th August, meet outside the clubhouse at 19:00. Grass cutting is on the list of jobs to undertake.

  • June 2019 work party

    Monday 10th June, meet outside the clubhouse at 19:00. The jobs are mainly grass and hedge cutting and tidying up the verandah ready for the Flag Day on Saturday 15th June. But it was too wet for most of those. […]

  • May 2019 work party

    May 2019 work party

    The first 2019 summer Monday evening work party. Monday 13th May, meet outside the clubhouse at 19:00. Pleanty of members in attendance. Quite a lot of work was of the gardening variety – grass cutting, path weeding, and so on. […]

  • April 2019 work party

    April 2019 work party

    Sunday 14th April. Again a variety of jobs undertaken. The fleet of lawn mowers were given their post winter overhaul – and the best marked ready for a season of grass cutting. Painting of the slipway trolley postponed again – […]

  • March 2019 work party

    March 2019 work party

    Sunday 10th March. Meet outside the clubhouse at 10:00. Nigel says “Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible. There is plenty to do, so come early to select your tasks”. Hopefully weather will not be as wet […]

  • February 2019 work party

    February 2019 work party

    Sunday 10th February. Meet outside the clubhouse at 10:00. Ian Heyling has turned the trolley over for us and it needs wire brushing and a coat of paint The benches under the veranda need rubbing down and coating with some […]

  • January 2019 Work Party

    January 2019 Work Party

    Meet outside the clubhouse at 10:00. Continuing with improvements to the slipway the next task is to refurbish the trolley.  The old rotten wood needs removing, if this is something you could do please arrive with suitable clothing and gloves. […]


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