Sunday 10th March. Meet outside the clubhouse at 10:00.

Nigel says “Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible. There is plenty to do, so come early to select your tasks”.

Hopefully weather will not be as wet as in February. Finishing the painting of the slipway trolley is one job that needs dry weather.

Unfortunately the weather was still too damp to progress any painting outside. So the slipway trolley was moved to under the awning by the toilets, hopefully it will dry out there. However, the underside of the trolley has some areas of rust that might need treating by welding in some new plates.

Slipway trolly, unside down, under cover to dry off.

Plenty of members in attendance, so a lot of cleaning and other odd jobs undertaken. The club’s collection of lawn mowers were inspected and the better ones made ready for the grass cutting season. With the sunshine and showers the grass is already growing fast!


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