Sunday 10th February.

Meet outside the clubhouse at 10:00.

Ian Heyling has turned the trolley over for us and it needs wire brushing and a coat of paint

The benches under the veranda need rubbing down and coating with some preserver.

We do have materials but any old brushes would be welcome for the trolley job,

As usual coffee/tea and biscuits will be served around 11am.

The weather in the morning was wet and cold, certainly still winter. So no outside painting of the slipway trolley. However, under the shelter of the veranda, the club house and kitchen doors were rubbed down and undercoated; plus the benches were cleaned and sanded ready for treating with wood preservative. The remains of a rotten willow tree which had fallen down the bank of the north end mooring was removed.

Plenty of helpers today – and some good banter at the tea break.

Of course, in the afternoon the sun came out, it got a bit warmer, felt as thought spring was in the air. A few snowdrops around the site seem to think so too.


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